International Gastronomic Wines Competition

This competition is open to all wines from all countries and all viticultural regions with a specified geographical denomination. In what concerns the French wines, they should have made a statement of claim under section D. 644-5 and D. 646-6 of the Rural Code. Wines without geographical indication will not be accepted for the competition.

The aim of this international competition?

The competition is intended to highlight the intrinsic qualities of wines from specific geographical areas and to distinguish those wines of outstanding quality and that are exceptionally expressive of their appellation or origin.

This international competition is also destined to bring to light the strong economic impact, the professionalism and the expertise of these two sectors of economic activity, the world of wine and of gastronomy on an international level.

Who can register wine ?

International Gastronomic Wines Competition

• Individual wine producers
• Groups of wine producers
• Co-operative wineries
• Groups of co-operative wineries
• Wine brokers
• Wine producers and brokers
• Importers
• Distributors

wishes to enhance their wine threough great taste and gastronomy.

The wines must be bottled and ready for sale

We analyzed the behavior professional tasting, it is the first to set up mini-series of wines in the wine tasting series to optimize the tasting.

We have the technical and scientific initiative in our technical director and winemaker consultant,

Jérôme Dufour, Enologist  State Diploma.

In addition, we taste no more than 30 wines per day by our international tasters, mornings only, for reasons of rigor and credibility, and respect for the producers and their products.

The order of tasting wines always respects and follow the instructions of course OIV standards of international competitions of wines.


The samples will be presented in an totally anonymous fashion to the judging panels.

The marking scheme is a point by point system as used in the official OIV tasting sheet out of 100 points. The total number of judges is decided according to the number of samples presented.

Each table jury consists of five jurors (women or men), 3 foreign judges and two French judges each representing one of the five panels below that correspond to the highlighted trades vine, wine and wine tourism trades. We will find a juror of the amateur panel discovery. The choice to integrate a wine lover is a deliberate because the panel reflects the tastes and expectations of consumers.

According Application of the International Vine and Wine Organization RESOLUTION OIV/CONCOURS 332A/2009.

The marking scheme is a point by point system as used in the official OIV tasting sheet out of 100 points.

The total number of judges is decided according to the number of samples presented..


To host this international event,  we have chosen an outstanding venue, a centre of international gastronomy, and mythical city :


What could be more natural than to associate an international event of this type with, PARIS, a multicultural town of multigastronomy and a vibrant cosmopolitan centre of international exchange!

concours vins gastronomie paris 2017


Concours International des Vins de Gastronomie™ - International Gastronomic Wines Competition™ is organized in Paris by ICM IWC™ .